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Alan S.L. WONG
Jesus Obeys His Heavenly Father
Date: Apr 15, 2011 12:13:06 AM PDT
Author: Alan S.L. WONG

Follow Jesus' example of obedience.


Alan S.L. WONG
Shining for Jesus (science with a twist)
Date: Mar 12, 2014 8:15:45 PM PDT
Author: Alan S.L. WONG

You will need some dirty one-cent coins,
two small bowls, salt, vinegar, double-
ended cotton stick swabs and a copy of
the following points to serve as your

(1) Begin by telling your children that
you need to clean some coins and you have
read that you can use vinegar to clean
them. (2) Put some coins in the bowl. Dip
a cotton swab in vinegar and try to clean
the coins. You might see a slight
cleaning effect but nothing significant.
(3) Pretend that you are disappointed in
the results. Then say, “I guess I should
have read the instructions more
carefully.” Consult your instructions and
then say, “Now I understand! I was
supposed to mix salt into the vinegar.”

(5) Now have your children help you stir
1 tsp. of salt into ¼ cup of vinegar.
Have them stir until the salt is
dissolved. (6) When the salt is
completely dissolved, allow your children
to put the coins into the mixture. You
may need to stir the solution a bit, but
the results will be startlingly different
– your efforts will produce some clean
and shiny coins. (7) Explain that we are
like the vinegar and the salt is like the
Holy Spirit. We can try to be obedient on
our own, but it is hard to obey when we
try to do it in our own strength. It is
much easier to obey when we ask God for
help from His Holy Spirit.

(8) Give each of your children a shiny
coin to remind them how brightly their
righteousness shines when they obey God.
Pray together, asking God to give them a
desire to obey.

Source: Kids of Integrity

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